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I'm scared I'm pregnant ?

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On Saturday, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. We used an NYC brand condom, we put it on correctly. It did NOT break, but he did not pull out before he ejaculated. After he ejaculated we held up the condom to see if anything came out, and nothing did. There were no holes. Also, I tested it with water because sperm is thicker than water, and still no water came out. However, I know condoms are only 98% effective, or whatever the statistic is. Considering I'm only 17, I'm extremely worried that i might be pregnant. Is there any possibility I can be pregnant? Am I overreacting? Please help. Thank you.
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First Helper Ggirl07

replied February 3rd, 2011
Hm, well, hun, i'm not an expert. But, I highly doubt you are pregnant. Just don't worry about it too much or you'll make your body fake pregnancy symptoms and delay your period. Since you tested your condom, which is a good idea, and there was no rips or tears...i'm really, really sure no sperm went inside you. Agian, i'm not a expert...but, that's just my opinion. n_n
Good luck to you,hunny. And keep using protection!
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