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I'm not sure if my girlfriend is pregnant or not.

Me and my girlfriend don't know if she's pregnant or not. We're hoping she isn't. She missed her period. She's about 2 weeks late so far and I'm assuming she's gonna miss it. And i remember she had a spotting one time. It was brown and pink she said. this was probably around 12 days after a day we may have had unprotected sex. I never came inside of her. From today it was probably 3-4 weeks ago that we had the sex that we think triggered this. We are afraid that the pre-cum might have triggered a pregnancy. So these are the symptoms she has. She missed her period. She thinks she may have missed it because she is stressed out because I left for college about a week ago. But we aren't sure. She's eating more, she claims she eats more when she's stressed. She has gained weight, she claims its because she has been eating a lot lately. Her breasts were sore for a few days but the soreness went away. She has had a little bit of lower back pain but she has always had that. She has been extremely tired lately. It might be because she wakes up at 5 every morning but she has been more fatigued than usual. She has been peeing a drastic amount more lately, she says its because she has been drinking a lot of water. She has been very moody and stressed out lately. She has been very irritable lately also. Her gums have been sore and bleeding but she got her braces off a couple days ago. So she has a lot of symptoms but there are other possibilities to these side effects but we arent sure. I bought 2 EPT pregnancy tests and I'm going home in a couple days to be with her to take them. I would like to know some others opinions before we take the test. Please help me out with some replies here. Thank you!
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replied August 31st, 2012
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All of her symptoms could be stress related or PMS symptoms (even if she missed her period due to stress) I would still take the Pregnancy test because you know there is potentail with unprotected sex. But her symptoms alone dont make it more likely.

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