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I'm madly in love and insanely depressed.

Hi. I have a major depression and a major anxiety disorder. I've been doing fantastic lately. But, there is this one thing that I keep ruminating over and I can't let it go for the life of me. Here's my story.

I am 16 and I'm madly in love with someone that I cannot legally have a relationship with. He's 27. 27! Well, it's tearing me apart. Here is my story. Don't judge me!

I go to an alternative school of sorts and I only started going a few months ago. I had to change schools because my depression and anxiety were about to destroy my life. This school is like nothing you've ever seen before. I spend almost the entire day just doing my assignments because they are so intensive and I have a ton of free time. Well, the classes are insanely small, the school is insanely small, and there is an insane amount of time to talk with this person that I'm about to talk about. I think that I spend around 4 hours a day with him.

Well, anyway, I am almost 100% better now and I've really become a different person. Well, technically I haven't. I'm the same person that I've always been but I'm not trying to be something I'm not, I'm living for myself, I'm doing what I want to do with my life, I'm forming real relationships, and it's all because so many of the teachers at this school do that in their own lives. I don't know about you broken hearted people that are going to read this, but I have come to find that most people try to be things that they aren't, don't live for themselves, and don't do what they want to do with their lives. Well, guess what? My guy is a teacher! He has other jobs in the school and almost never has a class. His classroom is almost always empty. That's why I first started talking to him: I needed a quiet place to work and his room was available. By the way, the classes are so small that the classrooms could be called offices.

Anyway, when I met this man that had such genuine and audacious ideas about life, I realized that I wanted the same thing. I started thinking about what I wanted in life, I decided what I wanted in life, and then I went back to him after I had done my own thinking. I realized that he wanted the exact same things in life that I do.

What am I supposed to do now?! I've allowed myself to become madly in love with a man that is 11 years older than me. At this point in time, a relationship wouldn't be legal for 2 years, but I'm imagining this life with this person that I feel like I know so well. It's a life that is so amazing that I didn't think it was possible before I met him.

Don't think that this is a romantic notion. I'm not saying that it's going to be this amazing fantasy. I know that relationships are hard. I know that life is a challenge. I know that people can be different than you think they are. But, right now, I have these insanely intense feelings for a man with whom it is illegal to have a relationship.

What am I supposed to do with myself? I can't talk to him, I can't talk to anyone else because they'll think that I'm crazy. I can only hope that some generous soul online will tell me what to do. And, if you read this, please do. If all of you are truly broken hearted, then you'll feel empathy toward me. Please help! I'm falling apart here. Thanks.
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replied February 29th, 2012
Listen i know your having a hard time but there has gotta be someone your age like me i'm 17 you could get this man in serious trouble 2 years is a long time to wait and if someone found out he would go to prison over you sure he may not care that he'll go but then you will lose that person for good he'll be there and you won't be able to date him he'll have to go his whole life ruined named a sexual preditor well anyways there is someone out there or you like there is for me i'm just too stubborn to wait for that right person because i'm tired of being single i've been single for like 3 0r 4 months if you care about him then you'll let him go i know i'm probably not the best looking guy or the smartest but i have had my fair share at love i'm here for you i can help you fill your lost empty love and if you would give me that chance to show you it'll be great and plus you'll be with someone your own age someone who cares and makes you feel special every day and how much you mean to that one person getting to know each other falling in love all over again write me back if you found this helpful and wanna give it a shot just leave me a message it doesn't hurt to open up to someone new and get to know them everyone is equal in my eyes jut like it is with God
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