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I'm 33, he's 42 back in the flirting game..trouble reading signs

Its been a year since I ended my 10 yr relationship. Been doing great and suddenly now I've been crushing on this guy for the past 2 1/2 months.To make a long story short he's my stepcousin( but not blood) we've met breafly, but we never talked alot before, just hi and bye thru messenger once a year. Now I'm getting more hints but I don't know if I'm looking at them correctly..but I definitely feel something's up..he's 42 I'm 33. I don't see this as negative because of the title,I just see him as a man who im starting to really like..

Out of the blue while I'm steadily going about my life, he contacts me out of nowhere and we just hit it off from there. We found out we have so much in common, we're very similar even in how we think and persieve others and the world etc deep meaningful things like that.Ithought he wouldn't continue to persue communication but he did and hasn't failed since. I feel naive but how do I know he's interested? It's been 10 years for me, affection wasn't expressed freely on my exs-part in my last relationship,so simple things like casually flirting again feel a lil foreign to me, I feel since I'm back in the dating game that I might misinterpret his signs. Plus I don't want to come on too strong if he is showing signs, I'd rather take things at a steady pace no rush.

A few things hes done...He was always saying we had alot in common and how come we never did this before(reconnecting)
He sends me links to songs, sometimes their deep lyrics resonate like he's hinting something. (We're both big rock fans)
Every morning I get a good morning message and he stays in touch with me throught the day.
if he sees anything he likes or he thinks i'll like he sends me a pic etc.
Hes always talking like "when you come to visit we'll go here,go there, do this and that', I'll take you to my fav spot etc" we're both big car fans and
He recently sent me pic of an old couple in a VW(his fav) it said "I know my passion for cars will never end, and more so if I have someone by my side till the very end" it made my stomach jump lol

We also play this game were he asks me if I want to go out, I say yes and he asks were, so I'll say to the zoo and we'll talk about zoo stuff, as if we were really walking around together. Haha a virtual date? Idk
And finally just last week he said "wow,you love animals, classic cars, rock and can cook.your the perfect woman.. too bad you live far away or else I'd take you out to eat"(I live in the west coast, he lives in Texas, but makes a few trips every year to see our family out here.)

He got a little nervous when I had mentioned chatting with an old male friend of mines recently, he quickly asked if he lived in my city or near me. I said the guy is married and has a family to ease his mind, he changed the subject by asking me how my brothers doing

I follow my instinct and I do feel like somethings up(the way he came into my life so suddenly like he had radar lol) this would be the first older man I crush on..ever. so im wondering if the signs are the same when an older man likes a woman, is it more intense idk. I'm just afraid to fully reciprocate in case I'm reading him wrong. He's been divorced so I'm guessing thats why he hasn't been jumping the gun or coming on too strong. Which is good cause id like to keep things casual. Argh but it's driving me mad not fully knowing, but still having a gut feeling there's more there but he's just afraid? Anybody been thru something similar(brushing aside the stepcousin thing lol) any tips
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