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I'm Freaking Out She is not on birth control

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Alright so lets get some basic information out of the way. I'm supposed to begin attending Harvard the semester after next for Law, after I receive my degree, I will be attending school at the Naval Academy after which I will receive a commission into the United States Navy, just a little personal info to help everyone understand why I'm freaking out. I have hypospadias, which I've been told lowers the chance of pregnancy. I have had sex with a friend of mine 4-5 times, I have never ejaculated inside of her without a condom on (although once I did *** a lot and I was kind of afraid the condom overflowed). My penis has been inside of her a few times without a condom on, and pre*** did get inside of her, however I had urinated since my last ejaculation every time except one, and in that particular case my penis had been exposed to the air for quite some time before I put it back in her. She is not on birth control (can't afford it), smokes weed, snorts xanex along with other pills, smokes cigarettes and drinks. She has sex with at least two other guys that I know of, and every time I've had sex with her, she had also had sex with both of them earlier in the week. Also I'm not sure if it will matter but I have Benign Intracranial Hypertension Pseudo Tumor Cerebra. Now back to the question, she is 4-5 days late for her period (her boobs aren't hurting but she has been feeling nauseated and "Like my insides are all f**ked up".) What are the odds that she is pregnant, and if she is, should I be worried about whether or not the kid's going to be mine?

Additionally, I can think of three reasons why she would be missing her period other than pregnancy,

1. Stress, she's about to graduate college but has no idea what to do after
2. She just got over being sick
3. She's underweight

Also, I made it very clear to her before sex was ever even an option, that I did not under any circumstances want a baby. On top of that I'm a very shy guy, and didn't want to have sex with her in the first place, however It had been a long time, and she was very persistent despite my repeated refusals, but a guy's brain can only stay in control for so long.
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