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I'm 14, forgot to take a pill, scared I'm pregnant!

I'm 14 and have had a boy friend for over a year and we've been in a really good relationship, we decide to have intercourse and have been for the past 5 months. I have just recently got on the noriday tablet because I cannot have the combined pill due to migraines, we had unprotected sex while I was half way through a noriday 28 cycle and forgot to take the pill the next day within the 3 hour time frame, I had unprotected sex on the 2nd day after forgetting the pill without realizing you had to use another form of contraception, I took the day after pill but am scared I got pregnant from 4 days ago and it did not work, what should I do?
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replied December 14th, 2012
The 'day after' pill would have gotten rid of anything inside you. What the day sfter pill does is it is chemicals that efectively make you give birth. It is a chemical abortion, except its only a few days after you've gotten pregnant so its no wear near as painful. If you havent had unprotected sex after you took the day after pill you should be fine. Your period may be irregular because when you take the noriday pills you are messing around with your hormones and so your body may be confused as it were. Right now there is nothing you can do, stop stressing, that If you are negative then yay, if you are positive then thats a whole other question. Just relax now, use a condom if you have sex No Matter What, and remind yourself to take your pill everyday. I know you've probably heard this, but 14 is so young to have a child! (Im the same age by the way) And 14 is also really young to have sex, anyway...Good Luck! Keep me posted, always here to help xx
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