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I’m doing weird things in my sleep

Lately, I have been noticing many peculiar things that I do whilst sleeping.
1) I constantly remove my retainers in my sleep. Every time I attempt to wear them to sleep, they end up either across the room or in a neat pile on my nightstand.
2) I was recently told that I occasionally sing in my sleep.
3) I talk very often in my sleep.
4) On multiple occasions my family has told me that they heard me walking around my room and the upstairs at odd hours. On one occasion, I woke up standing in front of my bathroom mirror, feeling very confused. On another occasion, my family found me sitting on the steps and crying, which I never happened to remember.

Just last night I really managed to scare myself. This morning I woke up randomly at 5 am, immediately recognizing that my retainers were not in my mouth and my blanket was thrown on the floor. I found my retainers on my nightstand in a neat pile. Then, I went to fall back asleep, but realized that my phone was on my chest. I had plugged my phone in by my feet the night before, so I was really confused, so I went on my phone and looked through my recent apps. I noticed that notes was the last app I had open, which I found strange because the last app I recall opening was my clock so I could set an alarm. Curious, I looked on the app, opening my latest note, which apparently was last edited at 1:00 am exactly. I immediately found this strange; I fell asleep at 11:45 pm. The note said “I CANT FEEL MY ARMS”, and that was all.

I am worried that I might do something I’ll regret in my sleep.
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replied June 21st, 2019
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Suggest you see a doc and describe all this. If you have a REM sleep disorder, it is treatable. Sometimes what you describe can also result from excessive stress and/or bad sleep habits, so you might want to also consider stress management and sleep improvement methods as needed.
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