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how to handle gout symptoms

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Ok, I've done a lot of research about gout since I myself am a sufferer and most times I get even more confuse than ever.. it's so depressing...mainly in regards to food with high purines..

for example some sites say chocolate if good but others say to avoid, same goes with carbonated drinks but then soda is bad! the same goes with vegetables! I've heard that chicken is bad too but last time I check chicken is not red meat!

I;ve had my gout for 1 month now! The pain has subsided considerably but it's still relatively painful when I walk etc although bearable! I've gone to the doc and he gave me the usualy stuff. If my gout doesn't go away anytime soon I think I want to amputate my leg Sad ... I'm not sure what great sin I've commited in my past life to be cursed with an ailment such as this.... I am only in my early 30's... I've even try the baking soda thing but only tried it for 2 days cause i was afraid of blood pressure since it's sodium..

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replied April 4th, 2008
Sorry I can't offer much help, but you have my sympathies, I have just passed the two month mark myself. I haven't any health insurance and can't currently afford the visit to the doctor, and also doubt how effective their treatments are. I know it is quite depressing to have to deal with. I am only 28 myself, this is my third attack, and by far the longest lasting.

As far as which foods affect gout, I think it differs for each person. My mothers best friend swears that strawberries triggered hers, while many swear that berries help theirs. All of the research I have done I see many contradictions, one sit says something helps while the next says it makes it worse. The only things that are widely agreed on to help are Cherries and celery, though they haven't cured mine. I can attest that alcohol makes it worse, though I believe it is actually the dehydration that drinking causes and not the alcohol itself. With mine it seems to take two or three days for changes to take effect, if I drink then two days later the pain worsens. I think you have to try different things out for yourself to find what works for you.

Sorry I can't be of more help. If you find anything I am open to any other suggestions, at this point I am about willing to try anything.

Good luck
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