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I'm bipolar, trying to work past it for my current relationsgip

My boyfriend and I haven't been together for very long, but I believe in soulmates and I believe he's my soulmate. A lot of my past relationships, I ended after a few months just because I didn't wanna deal with them. With my current boyfriend, I've noticed when we have a fight I dump him quickly, we don't talk for a few days but we get back together and I'm just as happy as before. I really love him and I really wanna be with him, I know my bipolar disorder is making that hard. Basically my question is, has anyone with bipolar disorder struggled in romantic relationships, and how did you work past it?
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replied December 15th, 2015
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Hey Denali

Being in a romantic relationship is definitely hard then to include bipolar to the mix makes it 10 times harder. I admire your love and compassion towards your boyfriend. Some would just call it quits but you are actually doing what you can for the relationship to work.

First thing to do is to admit you are the one with a mental health issue and that means that mostly you are the source of the issue. If your boyfriend understands your situation and is very supportive to your recovery then do whatever it takes to get better. Improve your treatment process so that your mental health gets better sooner.

Follow the prescribed medications and commit yourself to therapy. Consider all treatments including natural remedies and nutritional supplements. For bipolar, anxiety, and depression Endoca hemp products are proven supplements that can be helpful in managing mood changes. You should also try some self-help methods like meditation, exercise, support groups, and many more.

Used your relationship as motivation for your speedy recovery. Once you get better you will see many positive changes in your relationship. You'll have less arguments. Be more affectionate and trustful. Ultimately you'll be stronger and your love with one another will flourish.
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replied December 23rd, 2015
Hey Denali!

I have been for 4-5 years with a girl who has it. She has dumped me like 7 times in the last two years and she always comes back saying she didnt mean it and that it was just an impulsive.
The things she broke me for were really small and sometimes there was no reason at all.

She is very nice girl but sometimes she gets depressed out of nowhere. And also sometimes she is very very happy to the point of not being normal happiness.

We broke a month ago, she asked me in a state of mental balance to give her time to find herself and solve her issues. So I dont know anything for now about her.

I tell you, if you really love him and he is a nice guy and supports you, please dont push him appart. It is difficult for anyone to be in his/my position but I think love can be stronger than anything.
Dont break with him every time you get angry. Just tell him to leave you alone for an hour and that everything will be ok. Then you call him.
Thats what I would have asked for, but well, in my case now I think it is too late, I dont know..

I send you love and good vibes, you can do it
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