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i'm always feeling bad

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hi i'm teenager but my problème is that i m always feeling bad , yeah like every day
i feel like i wanna be always alone , i suffer from anxity and stress for about 5 months .
i'm teenager and i feel like i'm 60
i'm always alone
in my age girls have dates , go out but i don't
i like staying at home and read books of curse i hate internet
i'm sure that you will think i ma loser but i had a dated manys and i don't feel like i wan't to date any more !
help me because i'm feeling :l
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replied October 20th, 2010
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Hi Aliasbei,

To me it sounds as though you are developing symptoms of depression. Depression is common during early teens, more prevalent in females and is often closely linked with sufferers of anxiety conditions. Feelings of isolation, disinterest in activities you may normally enjoy and lack of libido are also all signs of depression. It is a physical change in brain chemistry and hormonal changes affect that, depression is highly treatable and is very common, go and see a doctor and discuss how you're feeling so that you can get treatment. Treatment can be varied, everything from journalling your mood fluctuations and doing activities like exercise, to eating more Omega 3,6,9 oils found in flaxseed or fish like salmon. Also herbal remedies like St Johns wort through to pharmaceutical preparations. Don't think that you're a loser, just go and get medical advice so you can better and start feeling social again.

All the best and take care.
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