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I'm afraid that I might have a mental condition

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I'd like to go and see a doctor to get a real diagnosis, but I'm not sure what I should make the appointment for. It's as though some mornings I'll wake up feeling so magnificently happy, like I just want to go to all of my classes and do all of my studying and go to work and talk to old friends I've had fallings out with. I almost feel high. Other times I've felt really scared, like afraid for my life, except I don't know why and theres nothing that I can do about it except shake and cry. And then the feeling subsides into normality, and in the next few days or so I spiral into a dark helpless depression and anger and sadness where all I want to do is eat or vomit, or punch a brick wall or cut myself, or sob uncontrollably or ream a close friend. And then there are in betweens where I just don't give a fk. I'll drink myself into oblivion or hook up with multiple guys who are all in love with me. I despise all of them, but I do it anyways. I have horrible anxiety, to the point of having chest pains at times, and sometimes I have insomnia, at others I can sleep all day long. What could be wrong with me?
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replied November 30th, 2011
With such ups and downs as you've described, it sounds like bipolar disorder is a possibility. I think, as with every other mental health condition, it really is for qualified professionals to diagnose though. I have other mental health issues, but I do know of 2 other people that are bipolar, both were prescribed medication (one by a psychiatrist, one by a GP) that help to stabilise their emotions. I had a look on your profile, and it doesnt say what country your from, but I do know in the UK and Ireland, you would just make a normal appointment with your GP if you wanted to get professional help with this, and it would be likely that your GP would either prescribe you meds to help control your emotions or would refer you to a mental health team if he felt it necassary. I hope this helps and gives you some guide Smile keep us posted!
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