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I'm a Junior interested in a freshman girl. Need advice!

Whats up?

Heres my situation. I really am interested in this girl who is a freshman, meanwhile I'm a Junior. Since the fall I really started to become attracted towards her. But I'm stuck. I don't want to come across as a creep or a jerk and I'm really confused on how to approach her as we have no classes together and are 2 years apart.

I think I'm a nice guy, and could come across as someone she could really like, but I just dont want to come across to strong or as a jerk, etc.

I guess I would say my self confidence is a weak point for me. I think its really at its worst on just getting that start, from there my confidence goes up. I guess I'm struggling with just breaking down the brick wall to start just a friendly relationship and hopefully it will take off from there.

I have mild acne, and I think thats what affects me the most. Its relatively new, and I started on a pill and Im using cream to keep it under control. Its more acne scars I think then anything. I only have 3-4 pimples that are raised, but the rest are flat, but still red. Do you think girls care about acne a whole lot? I have so much to offer in other ways (I'm in great shape, athlete, funny, and caring). I guess I'm afraid that the acne will hold me back. Its effected my self esteem a lot.

Any advice from anyone would help. If anyone was a freshman approached by an upperclassmen in high school, your advice would be key. Also, advice on dealing with acne while trying to get girls would also help a lot.

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replied December 3rd, 2012
Extremely eHealthy
Sorry I don't know your age Jack, or the age of the potentially lucky girl as we don't have freshmen in the UK and juniors here are aged 7 to 11...

There is no reason why anybody should not converse or be friends with anybody else regardless of age although parents and peer pressure sometimes tends to dictate things like that.

As far as acne is concerned, better general health related to improved diet and more effective treatments mean acne is less noticeable today and a face like a pizza, that used to be quite common, is now virtually absent from the ranks of hormonal teens.
For some less fortunate a few pimples are still inevitable and it is best not to worry too much as allowing nature to take its course and not fiddling about with pimples does tend to mean fewer acne scars, though the jury is still debating on this, that was my own experience...

If a girl is bothered by a few acne pimples she is likely to be ill-informed about biology or is shallow and not worth the effort of pursuing.

Good luck!
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