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I'm a bit nervous...Should I be?


So, my period ended December eighth. My boyfriend and I were having sex (well sort of... there was no intercourse; we were about to and he had a condom and everything, but then we decided "nah, better not") on the seventeenth and he ended up ejaculating on the blanket, pretty close to me (he took the condom off before this). I've been told that if there is semen in/on or near the vagina, it can cause a pregnancy. He fingered me shortly afterwards, after touching himself a little bit. I know that sperm cannot swim through clothes, or a blanket for that matter, but the thing is, I had absolutely nothing on, and I get a bit paranoid about being pregnant anyway.

Would I be very fertile eight days after my period ended? And this might be a silly question, but I need to know: could there be a chance of getting pregnant? Even if the semen got onto my inside thigh?

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replied December 18th, 2012
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No, chances are very slim. I seriously wouldnt worry. Keep using condoms or consider birth control for consistant protection. Usually woman are most fertile 14 days before expected period during ovulation.
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