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I love my ex, but am i just a friend to him now?

I need help.. i was dating this guy for two years. we had a good relationship, never any arguing and we were always so affectionate to eachother. hes the emotional type and would tell me his feelings and all. Lets just say we were very close. but 3 months ago he decided it was better to break up because of his work and uni committments and had no time for "us". He said he loves me and he will always be in my life as long as i want him to be, just not in a relationship...when i asked him if there was hope for us in he future, he wouldnt give me a straight answer, he was crying and said "I dont no just now,right now i just want to be on my own for awhile.." he told me i was the best girl ever but he felt like he didnt deserve me because he knew he was always unappreciated for the things i did for him and i deserved someone that could be there for me n make me feel special because he knew i was special and i was perfect and needed to be treated that way..

weve been broken up for 3 months now, but hes never left my life.. we had a good one and a half week of no contact right after the breakup where he didnt talk to me and i acted desperate and txted, called n emailed him, confessing my love to him. I thought i ruined my chances, and he just lied to me saying to be friends becasue he thought it was easier for me.. but then he called and he came over. but we didnt talk abut the breakup. he just appologise for not returning my msges, saying hes been very busy with work and he hasnt replied to anyone.. after this we always call and email eachother all the time, and every weekend he sees me and we have the best time. When hes not at work or at uni, majority of the time hes with me. we are not intimate, nor do we even bring up the past. i gues you can say we are best friends.we used to see eachother every day, now its down to two days.
What I dont understand is that he never tries to contact me during the week, and i always get upset that he doesnt,i ALWAYS text him saying "can you try txt me back, at least give me the respect and tell me to leave u alone and dont be those guys that ignore the ex when they have done nothing wrong.." In a way, im expecting him to tell me he cant do this anymmore n that i should leave him alone, but he never does it! He will cal me up or text me to apologise for not respnding and that he hasnt replied to anyones phone calls or text messages. And he will see me when he gets the chance..

He sees me more then he sees his friends.. at this moment, hes very hard to read, I cant tell if he still loves me that way anymore and if hes possilby thinking about us being "more" later or am i just simply a friend to him now. sometimes i say little things that remind us of the past, and he will just smile to himself, n not say anything. when we say goodbye, its always awkward, but he will always talk about trying to make time to see me during the week but its hard due to work and uni, but he will always see me on the weekends. he still looks at me in that "i love you" way.. my question is, Can someone once say they loved you more then anything, then the next day break up with you but continue being in that persons life and not love them anymore..?
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replied August 20th, 2009
something like this happened to me. he has someone else. there is no mystery, there is a reason for breaking up with you even if you didnt do anything wrong. there is a reason why he doesnt call or text you during the week. another women!!!!!
if you think about it, it adds up!!
i invested five years in a relationship, we were living together and one night everything changed.
one thing that your doing wrong is calling, texting, and professing your love. you have to stop calling him, not see him for the weekends. dont be second best, and dont allow him to treat you this way.
if you stop calling him he will start to wonder why. dont be available to his beg and call.
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replied December 29th, 2012
It sounds like you ended very well and are both being mature. He sounds like he's had a sensible approach to this, and perhaps it's best to take him at his word. There's nothing in what you say to suggest he's playing any games.

You are good friends now, and he is busy. It seems he respects you and is honest with you. He originally said he needed some 'me' time, and so far you said he had one a half weeks to himself. Giving him his weeks (not contacting him during the week) might give him more space. It may be that he needs this space to realise that he wants you back, but by the sounds of it after long enough he will be honest about this with you. No need to read between the lines. If you're really curious about this, it sounds like it's a safe topic to ask him about.

Cherish your friendship if that's all that comes of it- he will understand you better than many other people will. I wish I could have this relationship with my partner (currently separated) whilst I need what your ex states he needs (space, for an indefinite period).
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