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I love her and had to let her go for now

I met a woman on a site for married affairs. We hit it off great. I confess I was in a miserable marriage and thought I just wanted an outlet. Turns out I have feelings for her and she for me. We both have sick spouses and both of us said we could not leave them in this condition. Her husband had another stroke and she broke off communication for almost a week. That was when I realized I was in love. She felt alot of guilt after the stoke. Well, it gave me time to think. We had a heart to heart and told each other we loved each other. I said, it is not good for us to want to develop a relationship of love that is based off dishonesty. She agreed with me. We both almost together knew we had to stop seeing each other. This must be a strange story to most. Anyway, you may laugh but our hope is we will be able to be together at some point. My wife has cancer. I love her but it has been hell with her bi polar issues. I care about my "friend" alot. We talked about living together, even marriage. Do you think this relationship has any hope? We both considered if we honor our love that being faithful in the context of our current marriage would benefit. I have started going to counseling for my marriage. I do believe in "karma" and "sewing and reaping" even though i am guilty. I miss her alot but know I cannot contact her now. I also know if I continue cheating, it will probably undermind our f uture. Try not to be to mean, I have felt alot of loss and stil do. thanks
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