I know that I shouldn't be cutting or thinking about suicide. I know I could journal, run, draw, spend more time with friends and families. I know all the ways I could cope, I just can't figure out how to change my mind set to get there. I am stuck with this blinder up that is my safety net. I am to scared to give that up.
in middle school, I was going through a rough time moving from moms to dads, I did it through highschool, partly because it worked, partly for attention, but now I just do it because it works, and I am in college, and it is much more stressful.
How do I get my mind to wehre it needs to be?
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replied April 16th, 2013
Talk to someone, all yo have to do is be honest. I am not too fond of counselors, but find someone you trust, and if o udon't want to do that, why not get a buddy to do something with. You have all of those great coping ideas, why do them alone, when you know for a fact you are not alone.
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