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I just want to be happy

I suffer from deppression and all I want is to be happy. I've been getting better, but lately all my friends have ignored me so now I have no friends. I just feel like crying, but I just can't. I just feel sad and very lonely. I'm an only child, so it's really lonely at home too. I know I'm just a big self-pity case right now, but it's so hard to be happy. How do I be happy if I have no friends or brothers and sisters anymore?
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replied December 11th, 2010
-find out what is it that keeps you going
-write letters to people, but don't send them out, just let yourself express your feelings towards certain people in your life in the least judging place ever: paper
-force yourself to listen to happy music (especially the kind that says 'to hell with everyone, i can make it alone')
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