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I just want him to pass the low point,

I guess it is not new to you guys, as the title says, my bipolar boyfriend broke up with me. I knew him ever since when snow was melthing, we never get to really know each other until couple weeks later, we actually met each other in real life. Both of us have diagnosed with Bipolar and PTSD. We were together for about 5 months, at the beginning of our relationship, he was the sweetest, softest person I have ever met, he made an impact in my life, which no one have ever had, I was a 6 years of cutter, I stopped cutting, just because of him. The first time he ever told me that, he wasn't really for a relationship, and told me that our relationship was stressful. I let him over my house and we had a conversation, knowing that his has gender identity disorder, and he believes that he was supposed to be a woman. We talked it through, I accepted the fact that he will be going through the hormone replacement therapy, and I am willing to be there for him through the entire transition. Everything was great after we had the conversation, he still took me places, zoos, pet stores, his mom's house, it was been about 2 months, he has the episode again. It is when he changed his meds from celexa to wellbutrin, he act way more unstable than before, each time he get overwhelmed and wanting to leave, I would always talk him through and relief his stress level. He told me he got lost a lot of time, he was so appreciated that I could stick with him and clear his mind. He usually would spent the nights with me, and I always will do the laundry and cook for him, everything I could do for him, I did for him with pleasure. I was there for him when he lost job and couldn't find one, he was stressed by money and worrying not be able to start transition. He told me he felt protected by me and he was so happy that he could be true self with me. I got accepted into an art school, and he got a new job. Before his job ever started, he drove me to school in the morning, and picked me up after school, He brought me pain relief when I had period cramps at school. He was always worried about my health, because of my long term stomach problem, he took me to the health center and explained everything to the doctor about what is going on with my stomach, and read all the articled about my stomach disease, he cried when he knew that I could get cancer from the infection if I leave it untreated. Soon we planned to move in due to our schedule conflicts, the night before he moving in I had huge anxiety at my family dinner, he was there, I was in my low point and it brought him to his low point, and he became to a different person and told me he didn't see any future in our relationship, and he said I gave him so much stress, and how much he worries about my health and it overwhelmed him. Always, he said he couldn't handle our relationship, when he was fine, everything was just too great. That night, somehow he still decided to move in. We officially lived together for only about a week, during this week, I have seem him up and down, up and down, when he was in his lowest point, he could come back home just walked away without even look at me, I tried so hard to make him feel better, but sometimes, care could be weightless. I started to became so afraid to woke up in the morning seeing him upset and depressed. We both discussed he might need to move back home, where he has a really supportive mom. Exactly 3 days ago, he came home from work, he walked to me and sat down in the living room. he was talkitive, funny, nice, understanding and caring, tell me that he was wrong he should have focus on what he has now, not things that have not happened yet (transition), we even made plan to hangout with his friend this saturday, that night, we cuddled up and I slept so well. Next day I woke up for school, he told me he loves me before I left. When I got home he was packing up this belongings and preparing to move back, I was depressed, even though we had made this agreement. I was crying on the bed, he was telling me everything was going to be fine, because we both knew it was too soon for us to live together, he told me he wanted the best for our relationship, he kissed me so many times and he even cried, then he decided to bring me to his mom's home. After I got there, I completely shut down, I guess I had my low point, he asked me what happened, just for once, and that, was all. Later the night, he told me he was over with this relationship. He told me he couldn't handle it and he needed to focus on himself, he finally told me that he is impulsive liar, he thought he was ready so he started a relationship with me, but he didn't, so he had to kept lying and say things I want to hear..and told me that I deserve someone better and someone cherishes me... He was crying, because he feels so guilty to put me through so much, he said he feels so much guilt to even be with me..he cried so hard and he seemed like he truly torn, I felt so so sorry..because as he said I made him overly stressed and he thinks it is not fair to him...I am still sorry even now..
I know, everything was just happened too soon and too intense, we are still young, he is 21 and I am 20...Even though we have only been together for 5 couple months, but it felt like longer than ever..I remember all the cute things he had done for me, but still..I care about him so much, so much to leave him.. I am too calm to decide to leave him even thought we broke up. He sometimes text me and asked how am I, we still somehow connected through something... Is he going to come back to me? as many case I have read, I still believe maybe he would, someday, but I believe he would leave as soon as he come back too.
I need advice, do you think he will come back? I know, I am dumb, but I just can't leave him alone and move on...He has touches my heart and thinking about he cries alone only tears my heart apart...Is he going to come back..I don't force him through any text or email..I just want him to pass the low point, wait until he allows me to take care of him and be there for him, and physically, emotionlly support him...
I am so sorry it is so long..
Best regards..
Please, help me.
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replied February 18th, 2019
Thank you for asking at Ehealth forum!

I read your question and I understand your concern.
He may come back to you and overturn his decision if his PTSD and bipolar become fully controlled.
I hope it helps. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider for further guidance as our answers are just for education and counselling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit to a doctor.
Take care
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