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I just need somebody to talk to.

Hi, i'm a 16 year old female, and for around the past year and a half i've been feeling depressed. My feeling of depression was gone for around a month, but for the past month or two, it's been back and I've been feeling pretty low. I don't have much to be depressed about, my life's honestly pretty good. But lately I've just been feeling like there's no reason for me to be here, and that nobody likes me. I used to struggle with self-injury, and lately, I've been thinking a lot about it, but I'm trying my hardest not to give in. I'm not really sure what's making me feel like this again. I guess I just need someone to talk to about everything, but I don't have any close friends that I feel comfortable talking to about this kind of thing.
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replied January 29th, 2011
hi there,

I'm sorry you feel this way and please don't harm yourself i would hate for that to happen. Well done
for reaching out. I'm a depressed soul also, but if you ever need to talk about anything at all..please don't hesitate.
kind regards
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