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I just hate myself and my life, dont really want to carry on.

Im 22 and VERY depressed.

I study a very demanding degree (final and 4th year at university), and i just can't see myself getting through this. I was diagnosed last year but after going through medication/therapy, nothing seems to have changed in my life.

I just hate myself, im not confident, have no friends, and no girls anywhere near the scene. Im what most people would describe as a loser. I wish i wasn't scared to just finish mysekf off because the suffering isnt worth it. Everywhere i look i see groups of people laughing, joking-basically all the things i "should" be doing at this point in my life, instead im sitting in a dark room alone.

To top it off i wont even graduate this year due to failure in one of my tests, which means ive lost my graduate job and the chance to rebuild my life ina new city this summer. Basically i'm a lost cause, does anybody have any advice to pick myself up?
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replied May 1st, 2014
This isn't to different from what I feel. I've been depressed for little more than 2 years and it's only gotten worse and worse I've even recently cut myself one time. Low self-esteem, lonely, lack of social life and none to talk to. But ending your life isn't worth it. I try even though I find it hard I still try to think that I probably will have a future with a family and I try to enjoy certain moments in my current life. Just hope for something better even though it's hard. Ending a life that can get better isn't worth it.
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replied May 13th, 2014
You're already way ahead of most of us... I would kill to be only 22 and in 4th year of university.

I'm 29 and didn't finish high school, and this economy is terrible now, and my chance of getting a job that can keep a roof over my head, let alone a job that I enjoy and am proud of, is almost completely lost.

Humans are stupid anyways. Most are jerks. At least if you can have a job, a roof, and a tv..
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replied May 17th, 2014
I hate my life. still can,t get over what the doctors and surgeon did to me at young age. that surgeon mr stewart and dr Charlton should have let me die because no one believes me any way. And Mr Abercrombie the gastroenterologist at the QMC he never wanted to help me from the start. All I wanter is my life back. the sad thing is the surgeon don't care unless there being paid millionaires money. it not fair my life is a living hell of a nightmare. life is hell to me. I've had subtotal colectomy done at age 13 and l,m now 25. on one care when it starter bleeding from the botton very bad pains and very bad stomach pain it got that bad I was screaming with pain in my stomach and bleeding from the bottom and I could,nt eat everything from the stomach pain and bleeding. and the sad thing is the doctor and the nurse all thought i was putting all on and being a mardy teenage but I wasn't putting it on they didn't believe me. the nurse was being so nasty to me I was dieing. Had open wound for 3 and half year healing right from the bottom to the top.
they told me it can be stoma reversal. I just want my life back ben
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