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I honestly dont know what to do.

I have clinical depression and This year has not been going well for me at all and i am starting to feel over whelmed. I found out that due to the semester change i lost a bunch of credit hours and have to go to school for an extra year. I also found out that my dad is going to lose his job, and this morning I was woken up to a phone call from my mother telling me that my grand father died. I worry that my grades arent good enough and that ill never be able to support myself and find a job once i graduate and that ill never find my true love. I worry that i will never amount to anything worth while, because I have yet to do anything in my entire life to show that everything will work out in the end. I try and i look on the bright side of everything but the amount of bad stuff that has been happening i worry that it will never stop and if an easier solution would be to just end it...
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replied December 24th, 2012
an easier soltion is to end the negitve thoughs. Not your life. Write down everything good, about your self and what's going on with you. Try volunteering, and doing something for someone else to relax.
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