I was watching the tube again for some reason, oh yeah, because money rules my entire existance.

And I turned to animal planet, what a channel I tell you, not entertaining at all, but could be worth something someday.

They were talking about the siafu ants of africa, and if it doesn't give you a chill then something is wrong with you.

These are flesh eating ants and they are all over the country down there, a huge problem for people also, it said on this station that they have a problem with the humongoid siafu coming into there villages and eating there live stock, but not only that, they eat the infants if they can get at them.

It was a hellish thing to hear about, and you have to wonder if something could be done at all, which I think that we all know that it can, but it won't, probably not enough money huh?

I wanted to yell as loud as I could when I thought about the poor child being devoured, slowly devoured, by man eating ants.

And how hard would it actually be to deter them, we have the technology.

And the beat goes on.

And I think that the drum is out of tune don't you?
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