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I hear voices. sometimes they are calm, but lately ...

I have always heard voices, sometimes they are calm, but lately have gotten (for lack of better words) angry. I am 34 and have dealth with them every since I was a child I was never really afraid or worried about it, hell in all honesty I figured as long as they were there I was never alone. I have used a strict regiment of meditation and stress relieving excercises to keep it at bay. In Nov I had a stroke and since then I seem unable to control it all. I get freaked out sometimes cause I will see things...not like literally but in my minds eye see some very creepy things and the voices have grown more intense. Could the stroke have buckled the defensive walls I built to hold them silent? Am I losing my mind? Sometime I will burn myself cause honestly when I am in pain I don't hear them. I just want it to stop....Please help
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replied January 23rd, 2012
There are medications that can help that condition. It's very treatable. No, your not crazy. You have a chemical imbalance in your brain that can be treated and improved. See a good doctor and get started on meds. There's a good chance for you to greatly improve. You have the strenth to deal with it, so get out there and get help. Blessed be.
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