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I have weird red itchy bumps on my back. What are they?

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There's a whole slew of them. I also had a few other bumps (just one) randomly show up on my elbow, my side, near my knees. I originally thought they were mosquito bites until I looked at my back. What is it? Also, I'm in Germany at the moment if that changes anything. (Not a hotel, in student housing, where I've been for 4 months without prior issues.) (Granted one or two might be acne >_>)

Here's a picture: mon_DKM/100_23321.jpg
You might need to adjust your monitor, sorry, my camera is poor and I'm the only one around to take the picture.

[I don't think it's acne because it's painful and itchy. My acne doesn't bother me or cluster like this...]
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replied August 9th, 2012
Also, someone suggested Shingles, I have already had chicken pox.
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