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I have to make a decision?

I am only 15 years old and I dislike love. I have two amazing guys that love me a lot,I have date them both and end my relationship with them. I date Angel 3 times and once more even if I did not have my feelings all sorted out. A few days later my other ex and l kissed,so I felt bad so I told Angel What had happen he was mad at the boy and not at me. But I knew this would changes things because I did not know who I cherish more. That is my dilemma I cant decide for either one. I am afraid I am going to loose one of them. Valentin is very nice and funny not to mention my first crush he is not the best type of boy. His life is not really nice he does not care about his life. He does drugs but he said he stop fro me. He is always in trouble. He was a ladies man before we start it dating. I have suffer with him but I cherish him so much. Sometimes I believe that his doing better is because of me. Angel well his the guy any mother would love. He takes are relationship very serious he loves me so much. He has put up with me for 3 years I have hurt him made him cry. His perfect I would choose him but sometimes I don't trust him like his in 8th grade and I am in 9th grade. Friends would be telling me that he flirts. I really don't get upset cues I know I do it as well. But he does not trust me or believe that I love him. Valentin and me had well some intimates relations. That makes it hard for me cues Angel does not know about this. But I really did not want that to happen between me and Valentin.But I told Valentin I would like to try out with Angel he got upset bet he said that if I am happy with someone else then he would be happy as well,ant that he will all ways be there for me . I was going to tell Angel that I had made up my mind wen at a basketball game he was sting with a girl. She is friend but many people said that there acting like something else. I lost some trust for him this week because I have seen him flirt around. I don't know what should I do. I have been arguing with both of them. I so stress out. I found out that a really cherish person to me has cancer. I am just so stress out ...
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