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i have severe "broken brain" or fog during the day...

is anyone else like this? for exactly 10 hours after i wake up, my brain is in this state of stress, confusion, detachment, paralysis, etc. it's like my brain is "turned off" and also everything is "loud" in my head. then, like clockwork, after 10 hours, everything "quiets down" and i can think clearly again, and am aware of the world around me.

i am assuming something is going on where i'm not sleeping "correctly" - because it doesn't matter how long i sleep, it's still the same.

i had a virus a few years ago that set off all my issues - i have severe GI problems, food sensitivities, metal toxicities, yeast overgrowth, etc. i also developed insomnia (and also OCD) during that time - now i seem to stay asleep, but it feels like i'm not really getting any rest for my brain when i do.

if you have this problem, or a similar one, what is your background?
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