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I have no clue what this could be :/

So, I am 17 and today I experienced a horrible burn while at work in my butt area. I thought it was a rash but when i checked it is a ball right in the entrance of my anus. It is grape size a little bit smaller, it has a purpleish tint to it and I am scared to death. I have heard from family members that hemarroids run in our blood or i guess its very common in our family. I am scared it is painful, and i am wwayy to shy to approach a doctor. Any insight? it does not puss, it feels very irritated..
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replied January 27th, 2011
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Hi Colombina18 and welcome to ehealth: Hemorrhoids run in my family too...They are really pretty easy to keep in check...Sitting in a very warm bathtub can be soothing...If they start to bleed then you can even put a mini pad in the area if it gets sore or is bleeding...I was surprised when a doctor told me this, but it works...

There are many medications that you can get from your Pharmacist...Possibly someone in your family can tell you how they handle these...If not, talk to someone at the drugstore for their advice...If it gets real bad, see your doctor...Take care...

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