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I have cfs, and my anxiety is getting bad

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Hi, ive had Me/cfs for 5 years and had bad anxiety/depression with it, like i create things in my mind, ie. a couple of years ago i was worried my bf may have been cheating on me, although there was no evidence, but i made it into something really big in my mind, started having panic attacks, nightmares about it and then got so i was affraid to sleep because of the dreams, couldnt even get my mind off it to go to sleep and then hardly slept exept for in the daytime for 2 months.

i got over that but
about 6 months ago i saw that stupid 2012 the 'world is ending thing' and i started to go through 'phases' where i seriously think it will happen and get really obsessed and scared with it, and the rest of the time i still worry.
and ive started to dream about it nearly every night too
any film or somthing written about either the end of the world, natural disasters, or man made things make me panic, like when there was the japan tsnami, for the whole day i was having panic attacks.

im doing the same kinda thing with alot of things

and i feel like im only half here, i cant focus and i dont dare take anymore driving lessons, i kinda feel like im half in a dream all the time and find myselft staring blankley alot which is the ME and im used to but its getting worse, idk what to do or whats even going on with me, i cant list all of my symptoms ect. theres so many lol

anti- depressants make me worse, and thats all my doctor would recomend


please no pisstaking replys

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replied May 11th, 2011
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