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I have certain symptoms, but I don't know what for.....

For the past two days I have had headaches, dizziness, stomach pains, mixed emotions and I am starving. I do not eat much and never have, but now I have been eating about double as much and I am still starving. It isn't dehydration since I have been drinking a lot of water. I looked it up and only found hypoglycemia. Then I looked up what you can do and it says you should drink fruit juice and eat fruit, but I have been doing that for the past weeks.

Could someone please try to tell me what it may be?
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replied July 28th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, do u know anyone with type 1 diabetes who takes their blood sugar readings daily IF SO check your blood sugar level and if u can on a basically empty stomach; consume some sugar and wait 30 minutes and take it again
also if possible take it first thing in morning BEFORE u eat or drink other than water. YOUR FRIEND WILL know if u r out of wack and if so see dr.
BETTER yet see dr first if u can or if u have insurance

how long has this been happening
do u eat longer lasting foods like noodles or oatmeal

good luck
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