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I have been enduring painful periods for a long time

Hi, I am 31 and have been experiencing painful periods since the age of age of. During the past year I had a laparoscopy done and they noticed severe endometriosis plus two cysts on my left ovary, one in 6" dia and one in 4" dia. Doctor says I am too young to have a hysterectomy and I will need this drug referred to as lupron.

I did, for six months felt great, except for hot flashes, sleepless night and sore bones. I have been off the drug for a month and a half. I was having intercourse when I had to stop I was in so much distress. I had to curl up into a little ball. I cried myself to sleep that night. Thinking about what to do now, should I go on lupron permanently and take two hormone pills a day until I am 40 or should I have a hysterectomy.

I don't have any children, would like to have one. Doctor says my chance of having a child would be a miracle. I would just like to have a normal life like a lot of other 33 year old woman. And I decided to take TCM therapy. After 4 treatment course, my period has not come, it is magical that I get pregnant. So amazing!
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