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I have a resistant bacteria for a bladder/ kidney infection

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I'm on my third round of antibiotics. He keeps asking me if I have any discharge or itchiness and I don't understand why. I asked him he just answers that he 'making sure'. I've looked it up online and the only thing I can find for itchy discharge is for an STD, but he knows that I have been in the same committed relationship for 4 years. Is there something else he's checking for that I should know about? Is there something that being on this many antibiotics or having this bladder/ kidney infection last this long (1.5 months) might be being affected that I need to really be paying attention to?

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replied August 1st, 2012
Itchiness and discharge
It has been a year since you posted this; however I thought that I would respond in case anyone else read this. I am a RN working at a hospital for over 24 years...
Yes, when you take antibiotics it kills off both good and bad bacteria in your body. Some of the good bacteria are needed to keep your body healthy. A yeast infection often starts as itchiness and a cottage cheese like discharge. I'm sure that is what your doctor was checking for.
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