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I have a lot of issues...I feel very depressed.

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I'm sorry in advance if this question is long. I have a lot of issues and I feel really depressed and confused and stupid. I was bullied a lot from kindergarden through middle school, so I thought I must be really annoying or bad so I decided to change. I focused on helping other people with their problems and stopped talking about myself. In high school, everyone just started forgetting about me. I developed anorexia Junior year because I thought I might make friends if I wasn't so ugly. Well, no one even noticed I had lost any weight so I became really depressed. If I missed a few days of school none of my friends seemed to notice or care.
The last month of school I met a guy and we instantly became friends. He was really flirty and I thought I was special to him because no guy had even looked at me twice before. We started dating after I left for college and it was really nice for the first few months. Then he started sexually abusing me over video-chat. Telling me if I didn't do this or that, then I didn't love him. He started ignoring me and avoiding me. He flirted around and went on dates with other girls, but I guess my self-esteem was so low I just let him treat me like that. I transfered from my dream school to a university closer to him so we wouldn't have to be so far apart. I thought things would get better but they didn't. He continued to sexually and emotionally abuse me, and I never even said anything about how horribly depressed I was becoming.
But somehow, over the course of a year, I was able to tell him he was breaking my heart. He slowly started being better to me. I don't know why I stayed with him, but I did. He has a really good heart, he just got overwhelmed by college I think. Since then, I've helped him find a job, helped him with his grades, and he says he's "happier than [he's] ever been."
But now his mom has started to hate me, and she's convinced his brother I'm worthy of hate too. I've never done anything to them though! I've hardly said 2 words together to his brother because he simply never talks to me. The other day, the brother yelled about how I wasn't important and that I was a horrible girlfriend in front of my boyfriend and a bunch of other people I've never met.
I feel so depressed. I don't know why they are being so mean when I've never done anything to them. In fact, I've helped my boyfriend do better with school and clean-up his life! I feel like I've been hurt over and over and I don't understand why :'( I've only ever been nice to the people I've met.

I'm sorry if this is really whiny.
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