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I have a guy friend whos bipolar

he told me about 3 years ago when we tried dating and then shortly after we broke up and he said it was because hes not ready yet for a relationship and that he cares about me. and then 2 months later we ended up fighting and i got a little obsessed with him(I have ocd) and he got angry every time i told him i loved him which i did and i still do I am not obsessed anymore but everytime i try and bring dating up to him he blows up and says i am obsessing. and also one day out of frustration i asked him why cant i get a good bf I am pretty hoping he would say i want to date you someday but all he said was there are other fish in the sea. i dont get it we used to have such a good relationship and now 2 years later hes cold and doesnt seem to even care half the time. also 3 years ago i ended up in the psych ward because of a med screw up (thats what i think) he seemed to be very caring when i was there but then shortly after when our friendship was broke off by my parents he started acting cold towards me and has ever since. whats going on is it me or do you think hes afraid of my parents doing something? so all he wants is friendship now
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replied April 2nd, 2011
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