i am too fat. i avoid mirrors. i cry every night. i eat one meal a day. help?
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replied May 23rd, 2013
Your not the only one, Hun. I HATE my body. I refuse to wear a swimsuit in public and I even wear sweatpants because i feel disguised putting my body in cute clothes because I feel like my body doesn't deserve to wear cute things. I constantly step on the scale and look at my body just to reassure myself that I'm fat and ugly. I've been bulimic and tried to not eat and the short affects are great and help my self esteem a lot! However, the moment you start eating again, wether it is stress or comfort or your just hungry, the weight will be gained back in a split second. Do not resort to only eating one meal a day because although it helps for a while, I know from experience it won't last. You probably hate hearing this just as much as I did, yeah? Well if your body is hungry and you starve yourself but then you decide to eat your body will hold into that food and instantly process it to fat. It will actually make you gain weight! I was pissed when I herd that too. What you should do is eat a regular healthy breakfast and a small healthy lunch/dinner. Try to eat Fruits, vegetables, and fiber and then if you get hungry besides those to meals just drink water or fruit/vegetable based drinks! Also workout and track your progress. You will hate your body when you start, but if you stick to eating healthy and you track your progress, you see the difference on paper which make it easier for you to see the change in a mirror too! It sucks that it has to work that way, but I guatentee you it's the only way it truly works. If you ever want to talk about it feel free to message me! I've gone through it all to, babe. It will take hardwork and time to realize it, but you are truly beautiful no matter what you look like in a mirror or how much you weigh. Xx.
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