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I hate my parents because they hated me first

I always try to be nice with my parents but the last few months they have no been to nice to me AT ALL. I am a type of person who cant hold back my tears so when ever they start to yell at me i start crying-i cant help it. Whenever i say soemthing they dont answer, just look at me, or make some comment. Then when i run to my room before i explode they start yelling me and being mean to me even more! My dad just tells me how much of a horrible person i am and how i dont listen to anything anyone says and how i never go to church-i go with them every sunday and he says i only carea bout myself and how he wishes i was little and how im not fun at all anymore...its not fair i dont do anything wrong and i try to talk to them about the problems but they end up saying im making an excuse or i am just selfsh. And my moom always has these bipolar moments where she is like, "everything has to be about you and never about me and im miserble..." she tells me this when i say nothing...and there isnt a day i dont cry for at least 45 minutes...i hate this so tired of my parents being so mean to me, i am their daughter cant they show some sympathy
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replied May 11th, 2011
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