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i hate my father and mother

today,my life has come to 22.i m very much sick of my life with my parents.i have one sister and brother.
1. when i was 3 years old, my mother used to beat me a lot till the age of 11 years.i feared her a lot.
2. my father used to say that boys are very bad they throw away parents at their old age.he used to shout at me every night and use abussive words after drinking.
3.when i say something to them they both come towards me started beating me.
4.they have no socialisation.they have no relations.they kept me inside four walls without allowing me to make friends.
they enjoy their life, but for me life was a sacrifice. i m very thin ,deprressed,alone.
6. i thought when i grow up my parents will improve but they have become worse.
7. my sister life is great she was provided also supports,facility and respect.
she was treated very well by my parents and no burden for exam if she didnt a[ppear for it.i was threaten ,if opened her mouth in front of her.
8. she had boyfriends allowed at home, but for me going out of house is not allowed without any solid reason.
this is injustice...i m facing this from my chilhood, my life is hell.
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