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I Hate my Family because my family hates me

I hate my family because my family hates me

Basically, im the eldest sister of 2, and my mum is super biased against me. Whenever i make a mistake, she definitely enjoys stuffing it in my face, maybe she doesnt enjoy it but she always makes me feel so bad and yell at me.
Also she always makes me do the chores and things. I know i should be a role model for my younger sibling but she just pushes my limits.

Today i snapped, Shes been so mean to me, she wont let me eat because, wth i dont know why the hell, and she tells me to clean the dishes and when she told me to go feed the rabbits downsatirs, i tell her to go ask my sister to do it and she was like, how dare you, go do it now. so i said, youre so annoying, dont talk to me! and locked myslef into my room

seriously i know i sound selfish but i seriously cant deal with it.
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replied May 2nd, 2014
Extremely eHealthy

I am wondering how old you are and if things have always been that way with your parents?

When a post appears like yours it is very often because of a puberty-related thing. If you would kindly post again with more details I will try and explain. If it clearly isn't a time of puberty then I might still be able to advise you.
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replied September 23rd, 2014
So, you didn't do as she ask? You smarted off, went to your room & ran your mouth, maybe her attitude will change once yours does. Just a thought.
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