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i hate my dad because he controls every aspect of my life

i always think about killing myself whenever my dad makes me mad: jumping off a cliff, stabbing myself with a kitchen knife, overdosing of drugs, hanging myself, drowning myself, setting myself on fire, etc
i feel like i am a robot because my dad controls every aspect of my life i hate him i hate my dad so much Sad
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First Helper lifeisgood1

replied September 3rd, 2011
He's not worth you killing yourself over. Trust me I know the feeling but you can't let him take your whole life away (literally). He can't control what you dream or think about. Try to be positive than negative, as in, enjoy the things you can do without him controlling you. You have your own room right? I'm assuming you're young and still living with your parents. Yes I know it sucks. One day you'll move out and can do whatever the eff you want. Until then... live the best you can around his influence. If you can't talk to him and set him straight about giving you some space and privacy, then try to shift things in your favour so he can't control as much. For instance. Information. Your dad can't control as much if he doesn't have information about where, what, when you're going or doing something. The less he knows, the less controlling power he has. If you have a set routine in your life, try to shake it up a bit. If you've got no privacy on a family computer, go to the public library ones or internet cafe. It is possible for you to grab some independence away from your dad even if you're still living with parents. It can be difficult but you must try to put a distance between yourself and your dad's controlling reach.
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replied April 4th, 2012
Abusive Fathers
I know EXACTLY how you feel, and I have also have had thoughts of suicide. But the reality is if you are having these types of thoughts, about killing oneself, and self-defeat, you have already let him win. Just be the better person, and try your best to avoid him as much as possible. Don't let him take away your hopes and dreams; try to work on those (whatever they are) in a place away from him, preferably outside of the house.

My dad used to control every aspect of my life; where I was going, what I was wearing, and even would take good things that I did and tried to twist them around into negative things. I've just come to learn that there are some people that will never change no matter how hard you try. Forgive him, and move on; God will reward you. Also, don't ever let him provoke you so that you are as frustrated, angry, and loud as he is. Again, he is winning he battle once he knows he has induced you. He is emotionally insecure himself and enjoys it when you respond. Just ignore him whenever able, or otherwise, speak as calm and assertively as possible when needed. He may tell you that you are having a smart mouth, but you have to remember, no matter what you do (even if you are many times the better person), he may not give you a chance, nor appreciate anything. Just learn to let go and avoid being him. Just pray to God to ease your path.

Just hang in there. Once you get married or leave the house one day, he won't be able to control your life anymore. Before you do move out, make sure that you are responsible financially and otherwise.
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replied June 21st, 2012
I hate my life
Same... my dad always feels like he has to dominate a situation and if I do anything he tells me, he get this nasty, smug look on his face, like he's won or something. He always makes me cook for him, and never cleans anything up. He's always complaining about everything to, and he thinks he's so much better than everyone. He thinks he like the smartest person in the world, and lies about everything. When were home alone, he hits me, and when i try and call for help, he takes all of the phones. My mom never believes me, because she doesn't trust me, because my dad sits with her every day and tells her that I'm trying to separate them, and get inside her mind, and that I'm untrustworthy. I hate him so much that it hurts. Now everyone in my family blames me for all of their problems, and I'm starting to believe it, even though i know its not true. Now i have social problems because i have such low self esteem ,and Im afraid of people. Theres nobody that I can relate to, and everyone where I live is racist. I just hate my life soooooooo much and I want to die already. Not to mention that theres some kind of ghost or something in our hues that won't leave me alone. It bothers me at night, breaks things, hides my stuff, and messes with our electronics.
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replied September 1st, 2013
I hate my dad because he is controlling, narcisistic, manipulative, bully and arrogant.

My dad is controlling because he gets mad if my mom does something and he gets mad because my mom lets me and my older brother eat as much as we want and he gets mad because my mom lets me and my older brother do whatever we want.

My dad is narcisistic because he makes everything all about him.

My dad is manipulative because he critisises me and my mom and my older brother. My dad called my mom a''H****t'' because she does not like dealing with certain people. My mom and dad got into a argument and my mom said something to him and my dad told my mom''Shut up d**e'' and my mom told my dad''You called me a d**e'' and my dad told my mom''I did not call you a d**e I said you were acting like a d**e because you were arguing with me'' and he told my mom''If a woman argues with a man she is a''d**e'' and my dad told my mom''A real woman shut up and let a man talk'' and my dad told my mom''A real woman dont fight with a man she lets a man abuse her and deal with it''. My dad told me''You will never it in life'' and I was crying for hours. My dad called my brother''G****y'' because he is hungry because he works all day. My dad told my mom''You cant do nothing right''.. My dad said a joke about my mom and my dad told my mom''You are soo short you need a booster seat'' and he started laughing.

My dad is a bully because he thinks everybody should listen to him. My dad gets mad everytime my older brother yells at my mom and my dad ask my mom''You let him yell at you?!'' and my mom told my dad''If a kid yells at me it does not bother me and I let kids be who they are and yelling is not my thing''. My dad thinks everybody is scared of him and they are not.

My dad is phony because because he says he loves someone and talks about them behind their back and my dad says he will help someone and he will not help them.

My dad gets mad if my mom says''I dont want to deal with your mother(my grandma). Everytime we have a family dinner my dad always has to be in controll and makes it all about him. Everytime we buy food my dad waits until everybody is sleep and eat all the food.

My dad thinks he is always right and he thinks whatever he does is right and he thinks he knows everything.

My mom told my dad''You are very controlling'' and my dad told my mom''If you live here yall are going to do what I say''.

My dad gets jealous everytime my mom helps my older brother and he gets jealous everytime my mom helps me.

I hate my dad sooo much.
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