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I hate being Depressed, I hate Life...

I'm 13 years old and i hate my family...I could careless for them, no matter what i do to make them proud, i end up getting yelled at. True they adopted me and gave me a home...But still. School is stressing me out, family is difficult, getting my heart crushed countless times. I've become depressed, i used to cut because of it and because of someone.
My parents take away my freedom because my grades, and i'm working day and night to make them better, and all i'm asking for is to let my friend sleep over! but Noo, i have to get my grades up. Take away my electronics, but not my FREEDOM!
Every so often i get bullied (online and off).
And sometimes i really want my life to end. i don't know what to do, besides making myself disappear.
i just broke up with my boyfriend because he cheated on me with my best friend.
And then there's Coleman...the guy who got me depressed in the 1st place! he doesn't know how much pain he cause me! i don't know what to do, i want to leave the world and never come back...What should i do?!
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replied February 8th, 2012
I Feel this way to . I have 1f & 2 D's , I try my hardest to understand middle school but sometimes it just doesn't work out , I wish i was back in 5th grade so my grades can be easier . Ask your teachers for Xtra credit , get tutoring . If the subject your failing in is Math and you'll learning about Example (Probablity) look on youtube for ways to understand . TRY YOUR BEST ASK TEACHERS ALL THE TIME THAT YOU NEED MORE HOMEOWRK OR CLASSWORK . At least try to have d's & up .
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