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I had totally forgotten to wash my hands ...

So about 25 days ago I gave my bf a bj. We were in his car (classy right?..) and so I didn't have anything to..wipe my hands off with when I was done. About a half an hour or so later I went home and changed my tampon. I had totally forgotten to wash my hands because at this point they were dry. It wasn't till after the fact that I realized sticking my previously semen covered finger up there was not the smartest idea. Now I'm completley stressing out. About 5 days ago I got gnarly symptoms of food poisoning or the stomach flu for about 3 days straight. Vomiting, diarreha, the works:/ since then my stomaches been pretty queezy and I've lost my apatite a little bit. Today I started what I thought was my period (comming a couple days early) but ended up being just a small amount of blood that came and then went. I know no one can tell me for sure whether I'm pregnant or not I just need some comforting advice during this time. I'm still very much a virgin and for me to be pregnant from something so silly would honestly be the worst. Is there any way I really could be pregnant or am I just scaring myself? Please help? -Alissa
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replied December 8th, 2012
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Your scaring yourself, Semen woud not be able to survive that long outside the body fluid, also natural oil/salt on your skin would kill the sperm anyway. So this time no worries, but be more careful when getting intimate. Best wishes
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