I have four issues.

1. I see streaks of light and bright halos around lights at night. Happened for the last three months. I'm going to see an eye doctor and get a total eye exam. What should I ask the eye examiner to look for when I go in?

2. I have a slight hearing loss in my left ear. Also I can't hear low frequencies as well. However when I've gotten tested both ears have registered almost equal hearing. My center hearing is off balance. I hear more on my right side with mono or centered sound. I also have this annoying full feeling in my left ear that only subsides when something is in it like cotton, water, earplug, etc. I've been tested for tmj disorder and they say it isn't that but when I open my jaw and shift it to the left a bit my hearing clears up a bit in my left ear. What other possible thing could it be? Is there anything not ear related that could be causing it? What should I ask my doctor about and also to get a referral to an ent what should I ask them about?

3. I'm having a tough time with memory. I can't think as good as I used to and forget things a lot quicker. I've lost seventy pounds and started doing moderate aerobic cardio exercise but no help. I'm starting college in seven weeks and need to know what should I ask my doctor about for this issue?

4. I just am not motivated nor have a good mood anymore. I just don't enjoy or have fun with anything anymore. I know it's probably depression but I'd like to avoid hard medication for it. What should I do about this issue?

I'm 33, 5'8", 210 lbs, and white. I do smoke seven cigarettes a day but do not drink or do any illicit or legal drugs barring caffeine.

Thank you very much.
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replied June 27th, 2019
It's mainly question 2 I need an answer to and help with the most.
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replied June 28th, 2019
Please please please especially with number two what could I mention to the doctor and my ent if I get referred so they take this seriously and will deeply examine me so I know what's wrong with me. I'm willing to take cameras up the nose, through my mouth, x rays, cat scans etc.
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