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I finally unlocked my jaw after 3 days. I want to share this.

THIS IS A SHORT SUMMARY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ THE REST: I went to the chiropractor and they had me do laser therapy. Now my jaw is unlocked!

---------------------------NOW THE FULL POST IF YOU WANT TO READ-------------------------------------- -------

I was reading as much as I could online on how to unlock my jaw (which was locked closed) and I found nearly no positive outcomes, which scared and discouraged me.

I never saw this anywhere online but I decided to try a chiropractor. So today I went.

So you can compare your condition with mine. My jaw was locked on just one side and it felt like my jaw was out of the joint and I could only open it about an inch. And i clench while I sleep so my jaw was locking every morning.

So the chiropractor felt my jaw while i was opening and closing it and he determined it was TMJ and the main problem was from calcium build up. Also my neck was pretty out of alignment which he said did contribute to the problem, he cracked and re aligned my neck. So he had me do laser therapy. Basically they put a laser to my cheek and i opened and closed my mouth, breaking away the calcium and after about 5 minutes my jaw unlocked (amazing feeling). And after 10 minutes it got easier. THIS DID NOT HURT, IT WAS JUST WARM.

Now it still doesn't feel perfect but I am going in again in a couple of days. And he suggested I go once a month.

I will keep this post updated. But i wanted to post this as soon as I could. I would like to know if you try this and if it helped you.
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replied September 5th, 2011
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what kind of laser?
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replied September 9th, 2011
I've also had laser treatment by my chiropractor for my TMJ. It's a low-level laser, you can't feel it. My chiropractor presses it against a few points on the side of my jaw and holds it in position for about 30 seconds. He also uses this laser on my neck and the base of my skull if I've got extreme tension or migraines. It really, really helps. He's also used this manual tool against the side of my jaw that is very...let's say, "abrupt". It's metal and clicks it with a trigger in a fast, short succession and it pops against my jaw to help realign it. This treatment, I don't like so much because it's jarring and incredibly loud in your ear. That, and it hurts a little! Almost feels like it's hammering the side of your face. But, once it's over, it really does help to push the jaw back into place and offers relief after the fact. So, between monthly visits with that and the laser (and because I'm also on Invisalign which acts as a nightguard against grinding), I'm doing better now than I ever have before.
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