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I feel suicidal increasingly often, how can i diffuse this?

I have been having the worst time of my life. Loss of a special relationship, over 2 years loss of family members, loneliness, depression, anger, frustration, everything i do doesn't seem to work out. Arguments with my mother time and time again.
I don't want to die. But my brain cant handle all the sadness and anger and is constantly telling myself to commit suicide. It probably sounds silly to you, but I feel literally like there is a demon on my shoulder telling me to do these things and I the feeling of just ending it all gets greater and greater with each passing day. I have never been so sad in all my life. What can I do to diffuse these awful suicidal thoughts?
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replied October 3rd, 2012
No, it doesn't sound silly to me at all. It's very understandable to feel sad, frustrated, lonely, hurt & depressed, especially after all the events that you stated you have been thru the past 2 years! To keep piling more stress and more anger on top of it is even harder. A person can only handle so much and that seems to be where you are now. I'm sorry that it's been so difficult for you. But please don't listen to that 'demon' on your shoulder that is telling you to end it all! it sounds as if you are getting mired deeper and deeper into a pit of despair. If that's the case, sometimes all it takes is getting boosted out into the sunshine for just a little while - enough to take just one big breath and see that there's a bigger world out there than ourselves. I've suffered from severe depression for over 2 years now. My son & I went to a rescue shelter and helped with the poor animals. I took my daughter to work at a food bank. It did both them and me a world of good. Things aren't wonderful but at least I know there are places to go when I start to think things are getting 'BAD' again. It helped me. Maybe it can help you too. God bless!
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replied October 5th, 2012
if you have any true friends you need to reach out to them. i've wanted to kill myself many times and it really helps when you share the burden.
honestly, to be safe, i wouldn't put yourself in any situations in which you could kill yourself, at least not when you are alone.
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