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I feel so lost and confused. Depressed and lonely.

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I'm 24 years old female. I got back from a semester abroad 4 months ago. During my time there I've been in a relationship with my roommate, which means that we've been together all day, every day. I love him so much, though I know it's not mutual. He was my first relationship and the first guy I ever slept with. I come from a religious family and this time with him was the first time I felt really “free” do be myself and to do what I please to do. We hardly talking anymore, but I think about him all the time.

I’m a law school student and I recently (2.5 month) started my year and a half internship which is required in my country for doing the bar exams. I hate my work and constantly thinking of resigning and leaving the legal profession. I have one semester left in school and I can hardly concentrate on my work and my mind always drifts apart.

Because my family and most of my friends are religious I feel pressure for getting married, to start my life as a “grownup” even though I am clueless as to whom I am and what I want.

I feel sad and cry almost every day. I feel as if there is nothing exciting about my life anymore, and probably never will be. I don’t believe I will ever find someone that I will want other than him. I don’t believe that I will find a job I like or that I will ever be happy again. I feel as if my life is heading a depressing, lonely and empty outcome.

Going to see a mental therapist will destroy my chances in getting a governmental position I once filled (for 6 years) and left in order to finish my legal training. Some people told me to go for a coaching session, but I did try some online class once of positive psychology and it didn’t help.

I feel so lost and confused. Depressed and lonely.
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replied July 2nd, 2013
hello girl. how are you now? i understand how you are feeling at the very moment you wrote this blog. i hope you feeling better now. try to have some break my friend. go to a place where you completely do not know and where no people know you. try to think about yourself just this once and no other people. being completely lost sometimes helps us find who we really are.
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