Ok so, I'm new to this site and really just signed up because I need to anonymously vent some of the things that are getting me down and know how helpful and kind the members of this site are.

WI suppose I could start with my older siblings, Amy* and Sarah*. They are both more than 10 years older than me (I'm 15) and make me feel so miserable. Amy*, my younger big sister, is the worst. She is constantly putting me down and making me upset. The worst thing is that she knows she is doing it. She is an adult in her late twenties and is constantly picking on me. My parents try to tell her but she doesn't seem to listen. She lives at home so there is literally no escape from it. We've had a volitle relationship at best for the past few years but it seems to have gotten alot worse the past year or so. She speaks about me behind my back. One time calling me "enormous" and expressing her opinion that I should get up and do some exercise. Since then I have dropped a dress size. I think of nothing but food and the amount of calories in things and am obsessed with exercise. I avoid looking in the mirror because I think I'm so ugly and fat. I have no self confidence and when I get some, she wastes no time in squashing it. Once telling me that my new jeans, which I loved, made me look fat and dumpy. Another time, after a shopping trip, she came home and told my other sister Sarah* that I was an "embarrassment." She's told me that she hates me and that I mean nothing to her. She calls me a theif, ugly, fat, stupid. I am blamed for things that they lose, with her and Sarah* accusing me of being a theif.

My other sister Sarah* isn't much better. She is constantly picking fights with me and talking behind my back with Amy*. She blows everything I say out of proportion and takes everything out of context.

They've made my life more miserable than I ever could of imagined. I feel like an idiot. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm just a stupid, ugly nobody and everyone knows it.
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