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I feel pain in my lungs and shortness of breath when I lay/walk

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Hello, I'm a pretty active 23 year old guy usually train at the gym 5-6 days a week, 1-2 hours a day at least.

Exactly 3 days ago I had a big workout at the gym, I did 6 supersets that consisted of excercises for my back and shoulder muscles. On one of the last sets I had to do dips, and as I was finishing a repetition and coming up from it, my neck was in a weird position and I felt something funny happen. All of a sudden I had a quick jolt of stiffness but it passed shortly after, I quickly ended my workout after this not to further injure myself.

I felt fine leaving the gym but once I came home and I went to bed I woke up with the worst muscle ache in my upper back and neck. Later that afternoon when I attempted to go outside for a walk to the grocery store I felt a shortness of breath, which is so uncommon for my body to react this regarding my fitness level. At night, when I laid down to sleep on my bed and felt again a sort of shortness of breath and pain alongside my upper back that went to my throat. When I breath normally I don't feel any pain its only when I try to sleep or lay horizontally and when I take really heavy breathes does the pain occur. I took a dose of ibupfrofen before bed that helped ease the back and neck pain. But when I walk and lay down the sudden shortness of breath and upper back pain still occurs.

I haven't had any fevers or any swelling my throat.
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