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I feel my sister is being misdiagnosed

Hello, I am posting today because I feel my sister is being misdiagnosed, and I am tiered of seeing my 9 year old sister to suffer without need. I will keep this as short as possible but I want you to have all the information I know, to better asses her. Thank you.

Let's start about a year back, she begins to complain about lower abdominal pains, they are irregular and set apart a few weeks, so nothing is thought of the beginning. Usually it would be "Ok sweetheart, go lay down to watch TV." Within minutes she was up again and playing with her toys.

The further you progress in the year the more regular and notoriously painful pains started occurring, my mom suspected a bladder infection or so...let it go on for a bit, when you don't have insurance you don't run to the nearest hospital every time your child gets a tummy ache. Especially, when they are running about the house mere hours since the first complaint. It was about 6 months ago we did take her to a free clinic, which serves people who are in line at about 6:00 am. It was extremely cold, and I hated putting my sister through that. We took her in because she had shown tiny amounts of blood in her urine. The urine sample showed no signs of an infection, but "they would take some of the sample to the hospital to be tested with better machines." They proceeded to prescribe a antibiotic for the infection anyway.

About two months passed with now alarming occurrence of lower abdominal pains. The most pain comes from an area about and inch or so below her belly button, and the rest of the general area ending about two inches above her vagina. Extending laterally about four inches to each side of the center. Again she was taken to a different clinic, where doctor suggested constipation. Told her to drink water...fiber, etc. She came back that day and we purchased items high in fiber a lot of water bottles so it was more convenient to always be drinking water. She's been on this rigorous high fiber diet for a while now with no major sings of improvement.

All the mean while I talk to her about her pains what hurts, when, how often, "is it an ache, or a sting..." etc. She describes it as a ache/pain, in the area described above, she says it really hurts (Which I can tell) She does however tell me "she doesn't know if its hard for her to go poop" To me this seems very strange since I know REAL constipation, like the kind where you don't go for about a week. Endoscopy constipation. I would bet that if she was constipated she would remember not being able to go to the bathroom. Her poop seems like a slow but regular schedule, her poop is not hard at all. So I ask myself, what is wrong with her then?

Just today, I got a call from my mom in college saying she was taking my sister to the emergency room, she was vomiting, and had belly/abdominal pain (right around and in my belly button, as she described to me on the phone.) She also vomited red. She did not eat anything red, but had a red pill from a cold she has, due to it being flu season around this time in my area. So maybe it was that, I hope it was that. Waiting for my mom to call I wonder if this could possibly be related to her previous, what seems like chronic now, pains. She called back and I was hoping to receive some answers, my mom merely informed me in her passive aggressive tone, clearly not happy, that the doctor had said she was so constipated that it caused her to vomit after she mentioned her previous doctor visits.


Maybe I just don't understand, maybe its nothing serious at all, perhaps some mild chronic constipation (and trust me nothing would make me happier.) After all I am not a doctor. But I do know that whatever it is, I am sick and tired of watching a nine year old have to pass up on treats because "it might hurt again."

Feel free to ask any extra questions and I will answer to the best of her and my ability. Let me know what you think. What can I do so the doctors actually do tests on her instead of just asking us questions of what the last doctor told us it was. Thank you for reading, stay healthy.
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replied September 28th, 2011
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The fact that you say these incidents are spaced a few weeks apart, makes me think it is related to a cycle. Did she start puberty, and did the doctors check for an imperforate hymen (a hymen that fully close her vagina, trapping all discharge inside her vagina)?
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