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I feel lost and helpless

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I have had a realy tough life and have been through alot. I witnessed my father hit my mother alot as a young child, i have had trouble in school and wasnt able to concentrate because i had too much on my mind, ive gone off the rails and got into drugs and alcohol at just the age of 16. I started to feel better last year until i found i was pregnant, i was happy but i was forced into an abortion and ever since then i have had feelings of guilt and majorly depressed. I have cried to myself for a whole year afterwards and had thoughts of killing myself. I find myself now not being able to cope with anything or express my feelings to anyone. My father torments me all the time, he bullies me and says realy nasty things to me and abuses me and i feel lost but everytime i try and talk to someone no one can help me. I cry every single day over petty things, i find it hard getting out of bed in the morning because i dont want to face the rest of the world, i suffer with headaches all the time, i always have a bad feeling of worry every single day, i feel as if the whole world is against me and i cant do nothing right. I am only 18 years old and i dont know what to do!!! Someone help me!! please i'm begging! Sad
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First Helper pickles4759074058

replied April 23rd, 2010
Darling, you're perfect in spirit. You're coming forward to announce that something is wrong thus demonstrating that you understand that there can be better and knowing that you deserve better and wanting to do better for yourself.

Rather at this stage in life you realize it or not you are very very important and necessary part of a very large picture.

It is the quality of your heart that will be of major value to many rather they realize it or not.

First and foremost you need to understand that you are not a bad person you are just tripping over the hurdles as most of us do when we first come in and those trippings are what we ultimately learn from.

So in understanding that no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. And that we all learn from those mistakes. You are pretty much on que and target with many upon many of people.

What you should consider right now is that you're current situation will not be forever and you have many years of life ahead of you.

I won't lie, you will probably hit even harder times but there are going to be many good times as well and ultimately the times that you want to be there most for are those times that you're going to be a major impact on other's lives.

This impact could be any number of things, rather it is becoming an advisor to help others from what you are learning or being a loving and nurturing loved one to a very special partner in the future. Or even a good friend to some friends whom are really going to need you.

Even moreso it could be quite possible that you might uncover an expertise or new idea that might benefit the entire world at once.

But no matter what your priceless value will be put to use for, you will be valueless if you let yourself down and give up and believe that you've failed at this point in time.

Always remain true to yourself. This simply means to always know the good spirit that you are and always trust it.

As I tell many, you are a warrior and warriors have some tough battles to fight for the benefit of others.

So if it looks like you're not going anywhere right now, that does not mean that you won't be somewhere in the near to distant future.

But you will see that as long as you never quit yourself, mother nature will always be there to provide you with just and exactly what you need to carry on.

So, sweets, you're not a failure and this isn't the end, you're just learning and building the strength that you will need to carry your priceless pearls to the places where they are most needed.
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