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i feel like nobody loves me.

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ok, so im 16 years old male. still virgin got no luck in love so that's why, got alot of friends though. i think in my head that ill never get a girlfriend and ill die alone and a virgin... so therefore i decided to be a soldier when im old enough so that some people might think "i miss him" but right now i hope that ill be shot and that ill die so that people really will miss me. if that fails ill take a long trip to the US and leave my own country (Denmark) and start a new life away from family and friends, and never come back nor contact them, just leave on some random day without a note or anything. and some day i might come back to see how people have been missing me so they can see how i feel. so they can see how it is to miss something or somebody. i don't want to stay and be there for everyone for no reason. (sorry for my English).
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