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I feel I dont deserve my boyfriend

im 22 and have been with my boyfriend for the best part of 5 years, we split for a year a while ago and we both were involved with other people. i can get over the fact he was intimate with other people because i was as well but i can seem to get over the insecurity i feel if i see the other girls or they are mentioned.
my friends and my boyfriend tell me i am attractive but i dont see what they see i feel ugly and like im never good enough. i cant enjoy it when my boyfriend tells me he loves me because i dont believe him not because he is a liar but because i dont understand how any one can love me and why he is willing to stay with me even with depression.
i wish i could shake the feeling and be normal. i know im blessed so why cant i just appreciate what i have?
thanks in advance for any help and advice
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replied November 15th, 2012
You need to start it with this: people love you the way you are. You don't love a person for the way he/she looks like, but for the way she/he IS like (love is about feelings, not appearance). So you gotta start believing them that they really love you. You don't need to understand why (even though is simple), you just need to accept it. It's not so easy, i know. Doubt and uncertainty is in everyone's hearts. But that's the first step to be taken.
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